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The NLCB Play Whe on-line game pays out a minimum of $26 for each $1 wagered. If players chose to wager an additional $1 minimum in the Play Whe MegaBall Promotion and the MegaBall calls, they also win either an additional $36 or an additional $74 for every $1 wagered on the MegaBall, depending on which of the two MegaBalls is called.

All winning tickets must be validated at an On-Line Agent and claimed no later than 180 days from the draw date. The Agent will pay prizes of $5600 or less. In order to claim prizes more than $5600, you must claim them at the National Lotteries Control Board.

The ticket is the only valid proof of your number selection and is the only valid receipt to claim a prize. The NLCB is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Tickets, transactions and winners are subject to NLCB rules, regulations and procedures. Tickets are void and will not be paid if unused, illegible, previously paid, mutilated, misprinted, not properly registered with the National Lottery Central Computer, or altered in any way. Players must be 18 years and over.

Dream Directory
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Waterbed Dreams
Impeach Dreams
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Stew Dreams
Accelerator Dreams
Hookie Dreams
Retire Dreams
Bankrupt Dreams
Cane Dreams
Chalkboard Dreams
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Probation Dreams
Eggshells Dreams
Abandonment Dreams
Mall Dreams
First Class Dreams
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Wedge Dreams
Marmot Dreams
Blinds Dreams
Harpy Dreams
Road Dreams
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Impale Dreams
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Shiva Dreams
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Trapezoid Dreams
Silver Dreams
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Tape Recorder Dreams
Weather Vane Dreams
Ticket Dreams
Fan Dreams
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Iodine Dreams
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Sleepy Dreams
Heaven Dreams
Survey Dreams
Gale Dreams
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Ivy Dreams
Pursuit Dreams
Buttercup Dreams
Ski Jump Dreams
Stones Dreams
Weighing Dreams
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Platinum Dreams
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