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The Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe playslip has five panels containing the numbers 1 through 36. You may play any number of panels you wish. Each panel costs $5.00 and gives you one chance to win.

Lotto Plus Play Slip

To play, select 1 number from each panel you wish to play by marking the number with a dark blue or black pen or pencil. All selections must be marked by a vertical line that fills at least 50% of the total box.

You may also elect to have the terminal randomly select  your numbers for you. Mark the "QP"(quick pick) box in each panel according to the number of quick picks you wish. You may select your own numbers and play Quick Picks on the same bet slip, but not on the same panel.

The Play Whe playslip allows you to bet on more than one upcoming draw. To play your numbers for more than one draw at a time, mark the appropriate boxes on the left side of the Play Whe playslip under "DRAWS".

You will receive a ticket from the on-line terminal that lists your chosen game, draw date(s) and numbers. You should check your ticket immediately to ensure it represents the correct game, draw date(s) and numbers.

Dream Directory
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Farm Dreams
Miscommunication Dreams
Porcelain Dreams
Watermill Dreams
Oxygen Mask Dreams
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Vagina Dreams
Trail Dreams
Platform Shoe Dreams
Garter Dreams
Waist Dreams
Drive-Thru Dreams
Reprieve Dreams
Compassion Dreams
Agreement Dreams
Cinema Dreams
Counterfeit Dreams
Patron Dreams
Chair Dreams
Punch Dreams
Housekeeper Dreams
Mayonnaise Dreams
Game Dreams
Paintball Dreams
Stigmata Dreams
Suspenders Dreams
Sequoias Dreams
Treasures Dreams
Fingerprints Dreams
Balaclava Dreams
Majorette Dreams
G Dreams
Plaid Dreams
Aspen Dreams
Bereavement Dreams
Gathering Dreams
Piggybank Dreams
Aura Dreams
Arson Dreams
Phosphorescent Dreams
Lioness Dreams
Drain Dreams
Sundial Dreams
Bus Driver Dreams
Foal Dreams
Speedboat Dreams
Tapestry Dreams
ATM Machine Dreams
Windshield Wipers Dreams
Compass Dreams
Launch Dreams
Hydra Dreams
Pepper Dreams
Goblet Dreams
Government Dreams
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Seasick Dreams
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Mill Dreams
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Lunatic Dreams
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Belt Dreams
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Hospital Dreams
Instant Message Dreams
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Ivy Dreams
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